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Educational Services
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•Teaching Session

'Child of the 1890s' - A 90 minute workshop looking at everyday life in Staines during the year 1890 when Staines was a smoky, smelly manufacturing town as it was changing from an agricultural way of life to the coming of railways and industry. After a whole class introduction by volunteers in Victorian costume, small groups study home life, schools, and games. it includes handling Victorian objects and clothes.

Please note only one class can fit into the musuem at any one time!

Although there is no charge for this session, we do rely on the children spending money in the museum shop. (see below) If your school does not want to do this then we ask for a £20 donation per class.

We have a Victorian Loan box available for 2 weeks loan for a £20 refundable deposit. To accompany the box there is a Teachers’ Guide which costs £2.50 which shows how the box can be used to promote observation, comprehension, reading, mathematics and writing. Other publications include a children’s book ‘Child of Today looks back at the Victorian Age’ (£1)

•Loan Box
Box containing objects from a typical Victorian home in Spelthorne in about 1890. Available for 2 weeks for a £20 returnable deposit.
•Teachers' Guide No 1
'Child of the 1890s' Children's lives in late Victorian Spelthorne. £2.50
•Children's Book
'Child of Today Looks Back at the Victorian Age' A Child's guide to life in Victorian times £1

-Teaching Session

Our very latest session, about the Stone Age, or Prehistoric, is now available, focusing on the Neolithic or New Stone Age. It has been trialled successfully with a local school and is designed to support the National Curriculum.

After the whole class introduction by volunteers dressed in costume the class is divided into three groups, each looking at how people lived, what sort of food they ate, and a material handling session.

Spelthorne is fortunate in having had important Prehistoric sites and the importance of these is explained to the children.

The Neolithic Session has been developed with the support of Surrey County Council’s ‘Learning on my Doorstep’ initiative.

Local History
•Take Three Families
Teachers Resource Pack No 3 - designed to help teachers to study local history using resources available such as maps, census information and trade directories. It is based on 3 families trading in Staines High Street in the 1880s and contains copies of historical sources, questions and activities. It is designed to teach how to use primary sources and develop historical thinking. 'Take Three Famillies' Pack £7.50
Local & Family History
Spelthorne Museum has a large archive and photographic collection which may help in researching your family history and local history projects. It also has copies of several directories, such as Kelly's and bound copies of The Middlesex Chronicle ( a local newspaper) going back to the 1800s. If you have an enquiry e-mail staff@spelthornemuseum.org.uk but please remember we are all volunteers and it may take some time to find.

Education Team
•As well as working with schools, the Education Team can also host group visit sessions for out of school groups such as scouts, guides cubs and brownies. Arrangements can also be made for Adult Group visits outside normal opening hours with a conducted tour of the museum by one of the volunteers.
•Family Activity Days usually have a specific theme and invite everyone for fun and games in the museum.
•Publications - a series of 'Little Books' aimed to get people interested in the history of Spelthorne.
To contact the Education Team on any of the above subjects,
e-mail education@spelthornemuseum.org.uk for further details
If you have an enquiry about the history of the Spelthorne area and think Spelthorne Museum can help, e-mail staff@spelthornemuseum.org.uk but please be patient, we are all volunteers and it may take some time to investigate

Museum Shop
Spelthorne Museum has a small shop selling many items of historical interest and publications on history in the local area. It includes plenty of 'pocket-money' items such as model Roman soldiers, cut-and-colour sheets, Victorian money and children's books.
The shop is in the Thames Room and is normally only open when volunteers are on duty Wednesdays & Fridays 2 - 4pm and Saturdays 1.30 - 4.30pm. First Saturday of each month 11 am - 4:30pm. However it can also open for school sessions and group visits.

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