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Our New Exhibit

40 Year Anniversary of the Spelthorne Museum
Now online HERE (5 pages)

Also our new VE Day exhibit is available online HERE

Everyone is invited. Always Free.

This Exhibit is located in the Thames Room of the Museum. Opening Times can be found HERE

Our previous Exhibit that showed the digs that had happened in the Staines area.

The Museum is devoted to the history of Spelthorne, which includes Ashford, Laleham, Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell and Sunbury and is the only establishment of this kind in the Borough. The archaeology collection is one of major importance in Surrey. The Museum has many permanent and temporary displays including:

Prehistoric Spelthorne
Woolly Mammoths in Staines! Ice Age mammoth teeth and tusks found during local gravel extraction.

Interior of Museum: Mammoth Display
Mammoth Tooth close up

Roman Staines
The Roman town of Ad Pontes was of strategic importance as it was located at the only crossing point of the River Thames upstream from London on the road to Silchester. Much Roman material has been, and is still, found in the Borough, particularly in the Staines area. Spelthorne Museum holds the second largest collection of Roman material in Surrey. On display is a selection of Roman artefacts ranging from roof tiles to a baby's feeding bottle. There is a reconstruction of a Roman shop (located in the Thames Room) and a model of how the town might have looked.

Interior of Museum: Some of the many finds from the Roman town of Ad Pontes (Staines)
and the surrounding area.


The London Stone

The London Stone, dating from 1285, which used to mark the jurisdiction of the City of London over the Thames as far as Staines

Interior of Museum: The London Stone

Located in the Thames Room

Since the Museum was formally located in the Old Fire Station our pride of place in the new museum goes to the 1738 Staines Parish Fire Engine made by Richard Newsham of London.

Interior of Museum: 1738 hand pumped fire engine from Staines

The Courage Building Model

In 2014 we were donated a model of the old Courage Building which is currently being pulled down and remodelled in Bridge Street, Staines. Other items about the building and Courage have been added to the display. This has been updated recently

The model of the Courage building that was in Bridge Street, Staines.

Victorian Kitchen
Located in the Thames Room

Staines developed rapidly during Victorian times and this display represents a part of a kitchen in a small house or cottage. The focal point would have been a coal or coke-burning range, which provided both heat and cooking facilities. Other items include a washing tub and dolly and a mangle, most of the items have a local connection.

Victorian Kitchen exhibit

4,000 year old woman model

4,000 year old woman found in Shepperton


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