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Did Elvis live previously?

This 1,800-year-old relic has been verified by experts, who say it is a decoration found on the corners of a Roman coffin. This Elvis probably dates back to about 200 AD – about 1,750 years before the birth of rock’n'roll. But it could even date to 400 BC, experts claim. It was part of one of the world’s most stunning private collections of ancient art owned by an Australian collector, The 'Elvis’ sculpture is 2nd Century AD and was estimated to make £25,000 to £30,000 in auction in London in October 2008. However someone got a bargain because it only sold for $24,000!

The likeness is so great ‘Looking at this face with its quiff, jaw and nose, one is led to the thought that the human face, for all is diversity and subtlety, has an ability to repeat itself.’

The Roman ornament, called an acroterion, is carved in marble on the corner of a sarcophagus dating from the second century AD.

It is not just auction house staff who were taken aback by the bust – others were all shook up too.


As reported in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sun, NY Post newspapers July 2008


Please note that this item is NOT in our Museum.

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