4000 year old woman
1 Elmsleigh Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4PN.
United Kingdom

Phone: 01784 461 804
Email: staff@spelthornemuseum.org.uk

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Welcome to Spelthorne Museum
Here is how you get to us - part 1

map of the Museum area

We are in the Staines Library shown centre bottom, come in through their main doors and we are at the far end of the building. Turn right as you come in to the Library.


If you come by car across Staines Bridge, turn right into Clarence St, you will come to Debenhams shop on the corner of Thames Street, shown in the photo below.

Debenhams corner
We are where the red arrow is.
There are also car parks on both sides of the street. On the right is a ground level one, (shown in the map above) and on the left is a 7 storey multi. follow photos below.

traffic lights outside the Museum

Coming from the Debenhams corner turn left at the lights, coming from Laleham or Ashford area turn right at these lights for the multi storey. Follow the next photos.

follow for the car park 1

follow for the car park 2

follow for car park 3

follow that car to car park
Follow that car in front!

go up this ramp
Stay to the left and go up the ramp. Lifts are on levels 3, 5, 7.

Once parked, buy a ticket from a machine on the level you are. (the new machines need you to put in your number plate number) Put it on the dash of your car. Then get the lift down to ground level.

When you get to ground level turn left out of the lifts to the shops area. Turn right at Argos. You will see the Library in front of you. Go in there, bear right and walk to the end of the library where you will see the Museum doors. You will find staff on the left in the Thames room.

shows where the lifts come out
The lift comes down to where the X is and the library door is by the arrow

Bus/train Directions

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