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Spelthorne Museum's New Acquisitions
or items that have never been shown in the museum

The clothes shown below were found by someone who was going to reupholster an old nursing chair. They took off the layers that had been there previously and under the seat squab found these baby clothes and one more item underneath acting as stuffing. The clothes are hand knitted, and the top layer was also hand sewn. The owner dated them to be 1930 but they look to be around WW11. What do you think? Thank you for the donation Mr. MP.

Original unwashed items used as stuffing. May be a WW2 ‘Make Do and Mend’ idea

Washed items
Child’s hand-knitted cardigan and pants. The knitting on the jacket is very fine.

Cut up parts of child’s cardigan

Child’s hand- knitted Jumper or vest

Pair of ladies knickers of man-made material

The lower level of chair covering.
It had been sewn up the middle by hand and looks to be like a curtain fabric

1. A page of WW11 knitting
Items shown to enhance this page only. Not in the Museum

2. An WW11 ARP Warden's Rattle
We do have this item but it is not on show

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