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Latest News


The Elmsleigh Room of the Museum will be re-opening on:
Monday, 17th May.
It will be opened by the Library so the times will be the same as the Libraries opening.

The Thames room, where Volunteers will be working, will be opening on:
Wednesday 19th May, 2pm - 4pm.

Covid 19 protocols will be used in the Museum. There will be a one way system operating, distance awareness should be used and of course Masks MUST be worn.

You will need to use your NHS app, or log in at the entrance of the Thames Room. Please touch as little as possible while you are with us so that Covid can't spread. Thank you for your patience.

The limit of Visitors in the Museum at any one time will be 6.

May openings for the Thames Room are:
19th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 28th and 29th
June openings should be back to normal.
Wednesday & Friday 2 - 4 pm,
Re-starting July 3rd, First Saturday of the month only 11:00 am - 4:30 pm.
All other Saturdays 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Roman Staines in 10 Objects

This is Spelthorne Museum’s Oculists’ stamp, one of ten objects chosen by the Education Team to illustrate what it was like to live in Pontes, Roman Staines. You will find eating and drinking, trades and buildings, superstition and belief, and staying healthy. Just like the 21st century really! Download the pdf from http://bit.ly/3v6Hee4 where you will also find a School’s Powerpoint version.

January 3rd, 2021.

The Spelthorne area has been put into Tier 4 for Covid, which means that we cannot open. The Library will also be closed and so our doors are closed for now.
More updates as soon as we get them. Stay safe.


December 10th, 2020
We are happy to announce that the Staines Library is now open for browsing and they have agreed to open up the Elmsleigh room of the Museum in the normal way. The Thames Room will still be closed, as Volunteers need to work in there. Stay safe!

December 1st, 2020
Following the announcement that Spelthorne will be in Tier 2 after the current lockdown ends on the 2nd of December, the Trustees of Spelthorne Museum have taken the reluctant decision to postpone re-opening the Museum for the time being. Our archive store will also be closed.

We look forward to normal service being resumed in 2021.....

Have a wonderful December!

Continue to stay safe.

Our new Mural at the entrance to the Museum at the back of the Library


This month the Museum will be open on 2 Saturdays.
This week (10th October) and next week (17th October) from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

Covid protection will be adhered to, with a one way system, and the recommended space needed. Also our Volunteers will be wearing face coverings. We did a trial run a couple of weeks ago and have used the comments from the Volunteers that day to add to our protection for visitors. There is a NHS QR poster there that will allow those with smart phones to scan in to 'Test and Trace' as well. Others will have to sign in.

You do not have to register before coming but we are only allowed 6 people in at a time.

Our current Exhibit in the Thames Room is '40 years of Spelthorne Museum'.

A number of our volunteers are not ready to come in to the Museum yet, but in the coming weeks we hope to have more opening days, with a full schedule running by January as long as everything goes well with Covid.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please stay safe.
We thank our visitors and volunteers for their patience!

Please check back here for further updates

Latest Talk (Online only)

2021 Talks

Although no actual talks can be presented due to the Covid Pandemic, a couple of talks were presented via Zoom and recorded to add to the website.

Those below have been submitted to YouTube. Just click on the link:

Each talk is available for a limited time only

14th March 2021
Laleham in Old Photos By Nick Pollard

1st April 2021
NEW Stanwell in Old Photos by Nick Pollard

Please check in regularly to see if there are any new talks listed. Thanks

Our Latest Exhibit

We now have three new Exhibits on line for you to see. The latest one is being added today (August 7th 2020)and is about VJ Day.
We hope to add more later. Enjoy!

40th Anniversary of Spelthorne Museum (5 pages)
Victory in Europe Day (5 pages)

Another online Exhibit for VJ Day 75th Anniversary (August 2020)

VJ DAY (2 pages)

Closed until further notice. Online only

This book is available in the Museum NOW.


At the 2020 Virtual AGM in July, the following members were elected on to the Committee:
Chair - Sheila Montague
Vice-Chair - Mike Taylor
Treasurer - Julia Gibbs
Secretary/Editor - vacant
Committee - C Mitchell (Newsletter Editor, SPARCS), Sue Rhodes, Sara Collins
Curator - Nick Pollard
Facilities Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Webmistress - Gloria Hazell (Co-opted)
Store Manager - Jackie Browne (Co-opted)
Museum Mentor, SPARCS, Education Team - Rowena Ferneley (Co-opted)
Julia Gibbs remains the Chair of the Trustees

21st March, 2020: CORONAVIRUS: Latest news - As expected Staines Library has now closed down for the duration, and so that means that our Museum is fully closed now, both the Thames Room and the Elmsleigh Room. Keep watching for any updates both on here and on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/190760607732257/)
Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe.


The Trustees of Spelthorne Museum 17.3.2020

Look at what we won in 2016!

Spelthorne Museum Needs Volunteers

Can you spare 2-3 hours a month?

e-mail: Volunteers@spelthornemuseum.org.uk

Volunteers receive a monthly newsletter called 'Treasures' to keep them up-to-date with what is happening at the museum.

Museum News


Spelthorne Museum is divided into two rooms. The Elmsleigh Room is opened by Staines Library staff and has the history of Spelthorne from the Ice Age to Modern Times. To provide visitors with something different there are two display areas which are changed frequently.
Window on Spelthorne
Is a small display case near the Fire Exit and changes roughly every month.
Big Blue Board
The second area in the Elmsleigh Room to have a varying subject is a display board (sadly called 'The Big Blue Board', because that is what it is!).

Temporary Exhibition Area

Closed until further notice.
(Please see the links above for the online exhibits)
The second of Spelthorne Museum's two rooms is the Thames Room. This is opened when volunteers are on duty and as well as further displays and the Museum Shop it has the Temporary Exhibition area. The Museum aims to have two temporary exhibitions a year. The Thames Room is open Wednesdays and Fridays 2pm - 4pm and Saturdays (first Saturday of the month only is early opening at 11 am) 1.30pm - 4.30pm


2012 and again in 2017


graphic of an accreditation logo

Spelthorne Museum is delighted to announce that it has been awarded Accredited status in the first round of the updated Arts Council Museum Accreditation Scheme.

The Accreditation scheme sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK. It has led the way in raising museum standards in the country, and has been used as a model and source of inspiration for similar schemes overseas.

Spelthorne Museum is one of the first in the country to receive this award, and the achievement is even more remarkable because unlike many of the 1,800 museums taking part, it is entirely volunteer run, with the support of Spelthorne Council.

The assessment panel commented that ’Spelthorne Museum displayed consistent enthusiasm and commitment to the accreditation process’. Museum Chair Julia Gibbs added ‘Our small team have done a fantastic job in putting together new procedures to meet ever rising standards in museums, with great support from our enthusiastic team of volunteers, who help to put it all into practice. We have been told our submission is being seen as a model for other small museums to follow’.

Nick Pollard

Spelthorne Museum 7/11/2012


Out of hours group visits to the Museum can be arranged.

Groups will not be accepted until after the crisis

Also members can visit your group to give illustrated talks on various local history subjects.

See 'Education' for further details



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Accredited Museum

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