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Timeline of Staines

Click on the dates on the line below and see what Staines looked like in those time periods

Roman Staines1950's StainesStaines of today

More close ups

Roman Times

Roman Wharf on the Thames in the Museum's model

Roman High Street. This is how it is thought the High Street looked according to archeaological information

These photos are of the Roman Shop in the Museum

Staines bridge on the Roman model. This is where it stood in Roman times, a different place to where it stands now. It was located behind the Town Hall for a long time. There are some remnants of it on the other side of the river close to the Swan hotel.

Factory Path

A terracotta roof finial, taken from one of the cottages on Factory Path
A Terracotta Gargoyle taken from the same cottages on Factory Path. Factory path was along where the railway line to Windsor is. it went from the Iron Bridge down to the Linoleum factory.

First World War

This brass plaque is from one of the schools in Ashford, showing the boys and teachers who fell in the war 1914 - 1918


Roman Items



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