4000 year old woman
1 Elmsleigh Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4PM. United Kingdom

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Animated Photos

Jenny and Julia - Education team

A Roman Soldier that kids can play with in the Thames Room

Frederick Walton, inventor/founder of the Lino

Photos of the Museum

The entrance to the Museum at the far end of the Library

Elmsleigh Room showing the Big Blue Boards being used. 2017

The front end of the Elmsleigh Room, showing Roman finds in the Staines area, (right corner)
and the 4000 year old woman (left side).

Early Saturday morning shift in Thames Room

Exhibit area in Thames Room showing Reception desk

The shop area in the Thames Room

The Victorian kitchen and Roman Shop area of the Thames Room.

Old photo of the 1738 Fire Engine that is housed in the Thames Room.
The case is presently being re-vamped.

The Prehistoric/Neolithic part of the Elmsleigh Room at the front of the Elmsleigh Room

The London Stone in the Elmsleigh Room.


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