40th Year Anniversary
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4000 year old woman
1 Elmsleigh Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4PN. United Kingdom

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Welcome to Spelthorne Museum

Everyone is invited. Always Free.

During the Covid 19 Crisis the Museum is closed. We do have two new Exhibits on line for you to see though. Enjoy!

40th Anniversary of Spelthorne Museum (5 pages)
Victory in Europe Day (5 pages)

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Roman Medical Instruments

Some items that were used for medical things although how they were used is anyone's guess!





Found at the Elmsleigh Centre dig

1. bottom end of the tweezers
1. Top end of the tweezers, To me it looks like there is a letter or marking on there. Maybe an M




Found at the Johnston & Clark dig

2. bottom end of the second pair of tweezers
2. Top end of the second pair of tweezers. These have been broken.

3. Nail Cleaner - Found at the Elmsleigh Centre dig

4. Toilet Spoon with pentagonal pierced head

Found at the Elmsleigh Centre dig

5. Small cupped Toilet Spoon
Found at the Elmsleigh Centre dig

6. The bottom of the spoon probe
6. The top of the spoon probe

6. Spoon probe found at the Elmsleigh Centre dig

Roman Utensils

Roman Cutlery

Roman Spoon

Roman Knife tip

Once Reopened out of hours group visits to the Museum can be arranged.
Also members can visit your group to give illustrated talks on various local history subjects.
See 'Education' for further details

We have again revamped the website for the 40th Anniversary of the Museum. Please take a look at the Queen's Award page, the Accessibility page, the photos of Staines page and the Lino page. There is also a map page showing how to get to us, people are always saying to us that they didn't know that we are located through the Library, on the map page we show photos of our building related to everywhere else around us.

We also have NEW pages showing the Exhibits that are supposed to be in the Thames Room, however they can be seen on here while we are closed, due to the Coronavirus.

The Story of Spelthorne Museum

V.E. Day

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