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Saratoga Trunk

The front of the Saratoga Trunk


A make of travelling trunk in use during the 1900's. Imported from Saratoga Springs, New York State USA. After the Battle of Saratoga in 1777 on the Hudson River the place became a tourist resort. There are a lot of designs of these trunks, (Please see photo link below) Saratoga seemed to be a place where many people went with the trunks and so they became known as Saratogs Trunks.

When people went on holiday in those days they would take a lot of clothes and other items with them. One of these trunks would carry it all. Some of them had different compartments in them which would help in packing shoes and other unusual shaped items such as a parasol. This one has a lift out compartment in it.

This trunk belonged to Mrs R. Cromwell Edwards, mother of famous local artist Mary Stella Edwards, and was used when she went to East Runton in 1900. The Edwards lived in Fairfield Avenue. According to the label on the trunk it was sent in advance.

Railway sources suggest thet 'Luggage in Advance' began in 1898-1900. The name of the railway line on the label is the LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY.

The trunk needs renovation work to it, You can see that by the photos shown.

One end of the trunk, you can see the damage on it
The main lock on the front of the trunk


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