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Educational Services

Roman Staines in 10 Objects

This is Spelthorne Museum’s Oculists’ stamp, one of ten objects chosen by the Education Team to illustrate what it was like to live in Pontes, Roman Staines. You will find eating and drinking, trades and buildings, superstition and belief, and staying healthy. Just like the 21st century really! Download the pdf from http://bit.ly/3v6Hee4 where you will also find a School’s Powerpoint version.

Part 1

The Education Team works closely with local schools. Loan boxes and teacher guides are available as well as our teaching sessions. Teaching sessions include Romans, Victorians and Neolithic. In addition to these set sessions we can offer a taster session on local history including a guided tour of the museum.

If you are interested in any of these services please contact:
We are a small team so if you do not hear immediately please be patient, we will get back to you but please make sure you leave a name and contact details.

A pre-visit to Spelthorne museum is recommended. Entry is free and by pre-arrangement a member of the Education Team can meet you and explain what we do and how to make the most of your visit.

Apart from school visits we can arrange group visits to the museum and outreach talks.

Our Schools Service is one of the most important strands of our educational work and our teaching sessions and resources are developed in consultation with local schools. If you are interested in joining our Education Team please contact the Team at the email address above.

The 2018 Education Team

The following services are currently available:
•Teaching Session
'A Child in Roman Spelthorne' - A 90 minute workshop focusing on everyday life for children in Staines around AD 200 when Staines was a very important small Roman town. The session includes a whole class introduction by volunteers dressed in Roman costume, then the class is split into three groups to study home life, education and games. It includes handling and working with original Roman artifacts and replica objects.

Please note that only one class can fit into the museum at any one time! Although there is no charge for this session, we do rely on children spending in the museum shop. (see below) If your school does not want to do this then we ask for a donation of £20 per class.

•Loan Box
We have a Roman Loan box available for 2 weeks loan for a £20 refundable deposit. It contains items found in Roman Spelthorne. To accompany the box there is a Teachers’ Guide which costs £5 and shows how the box can be used to promote observation, comprehension, reading, mathematics and writing.

Some examples of the contents of the Roman Loan Box:

Concrete with label
Mortarium with label
Iron Slag with label


•Teachers Guide No 2
an archaeology resource pack designed for use with the Loan Box £5 (used to promote observation, comprehension, reading, mathematics and writing.)

•Teacher's Book

'Up Pontes' A History of Roman Staines £4

•Children's Book
'Child of 2000 meets Child of 200' £1


The Education Team often receives letters and drawings from the children after the visit:

Children are taught maths – Roman Style which they have to copy on to a wax tablet and play a Roman game similar to draughts:

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