2020 was the 40th Year Anniversary
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4000 year old woman
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Welcome to Spelthorne Museum

Everyone is invited. Always Free.

The Shop will be open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, when Volunteers are in the Thames Room.

We do have two Exhibits on line for you to see. Enjoy!

40th Anniversary of Spelthorne Museum (5 pages)
Victory in Europe Day (5 pages)

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The Museum Shop

Books will be on sale in Spelthorne Museum when the Thames Room is open.
Please see our opening times below.
Sorry we do not have credit/debit card facilities.

All the information you need

The Museum shop sells items of historical interest, local postcards and the largest selection of local history books in the area. Some of these are Museum publications which are unavailable elsewhere, and are designed to complement the various displays. Information sheets are also available.

These publications are available by post and can be ordered through post, email or by phone.

Email: staff@spelthornemuseum.org.uk

Please contact us using the details below if you wish to purchase a copy via mail.

Details of publications, prices, postage and packaging are all to the right of each publication.

Please make cheques out to SALHG and mail with the name of the book/s you require to Spelthorne Museum, 1 Elmsleigh Road, Staines TW18 4PN
Thank you.

The Museum shop is in the Thames Room and is open when volunteers are on duty.
(Wednesday and Friday 2 -4 pm. Saturday 1:30 - 4:30 pm. )

There is a selection of history connected knick-knacks, colouring cards and post cards in the actual shop. There is also a local history book section some of which are Museum publications not on sale anywhere else.


Foragers & Farmers
10.000 years of history at Hengrove Farm, Staines.
Excavations between 1997 and 2012

Rob Poulton, Graham Hayman, Nick Marples

£25.00 (plus post & packing)


Remembering Spelthorne
World War 1
(All 5 years with a soft back)

A Spelthorne Museum Publication

£10.00 (plus post and packing)

Neolithic, Later Bronze Age, Middle Iron Age and Medieval Discoveries in Ashford & Laleham

Graham Hayman, Nigel Randall, Tom Collie

£12.00 (plus post & packing)
80 Years of Staines Brass Band
£1.50 (plus post & packing)

100 Years of BP in Sunbury

£2.50 (plus post and packing)
100 - Not out
The story of 100 years of Allotment Gardening by Ashford & District Smallholders (Middx) Ltd.
£2.00 (plus post & packing)
800 Years of our Parish
The history of St Matthews, Ashford, Middlesex
£3.95 (plus post & packing)
A History of Shepperton’s Pubs
£6.00 (plus post & packing)
A History of Sunbury’s Pubs
£6.50 (plus post & packing)
A Jewel of a Church
Historical guide to All Saints Parish Church, Laleham, Middlesex
£6.50 (plus post & packing)
A Neolithic Ring Ditch
Archaeological excavation of prehistoric features at Staines Road Farm, Shepperton, Middlesex
£10.00 (plus post & packing)
Aspects of Ashford
History of Ashford, Middlesex in photographs
£8.95 (plus post & packing)
Before the Memories Fade
by Don Burt MBE To go with our exhibit (7/13) on the Boys Brigade.
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Belgians in Staines at Riverbank
by Jenny Scripps to go with the WW1 Exhibit
£1.50 (plus post & packing)
Brewing and Bottling
History of the breweries and mineral water manufacturers of Spelthorne
£2.00 (plus post & packing)
Bronze Age Spelthorne
Introduction to history
£1.50 (pluspost & packing)
Child of 2000 meets child of 200
A Child’s guide to life in Roman Staines
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
Child of the 1890s
Children’s Lives in late Victorian Spelthorne
£2.50 (plus post & packing)
Child of Today Looks back at the Victorian Age
A child’s guide to life in Victorian times in Spelthorne
£2.00 (plus post & packing)
A look at the history of fire fighting in the Borough of Spelthorne
£3.50 (plus post & packing)
Foragers & Farmers
£25.00 (plus post & packing)
From Floor to Ceiling
How one man’s invention brought fame to Staines and Sunbury. The story of Linoleum and Hardboard
£2.25 (plus post & packing)
Gordon Road Estate
The local and family history of Gordon Road, Ashford, Middlesex
£2.50 (plus post & packing)

Gorse, Broom & Heathlands
by Chris Howkins

5.00 (plus post & packing)
Hidden Depths
An archaeological exploration of Surrey
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
NEW History Matters - Sunbury & Shepperton. An Anniversary Collection
By Nick Pollard
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
History of Spelthorne Museum
Thirtieth year anniversary book
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
History of Staines Bridge
£1.50 (plus post & packing)
History of Walton Bridge
by Nick Pollard. 60 pages in colour
£7.00 (pluspost & packing)
History of Sunbury-on-Thames (small)
£3.00 (plus post & packing)
History of Sunbury-on-Thames (large)
£6.00 (plus post & packing)
Heathers & Heathlands
by Chris Howkins
5.00 (plus post & packing)
Houses of God
A survey and History of Places of worship in Spelthorne
£4.00 (plus post & packing)
London Stone – Staines
History of this ancient landmark
£1.50 (plus post & packing)
Looking Back
A Personal Look at the history of South West Middlesex
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Lost Houses of Sunbury and Shepperton
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Magna Carta
Why the Barons came to Staines in 1215
£1.50 (plus post and packing)
Medieval Spelthorne
Introduction to history
£1.50 (plus post & packing)
Memories are made of this
Life and Times of Spelthorne residents
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
NEW More Tales from Old Ashford
£5.00 (plus Post & Packing)
Property & Tenants of Sunbury in 1848
With reference to the 1848 Field Map
£2.50 (plus post & packing)
Property Owners of Shepperton in 1839
With reference to the 1842 Field Map
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
Railways Staines to Sunningdale 1856 to 1976
Out of Stock.
£2.00 (plus post & packing)
New Remembering Spelthorne WW1
All 5 years in soft back
£10.00 (plus post and packing)
Roman and Medieval Staines
Full archaeological reports on excavations in Staines between 1977 and 1989
£25.00 (plus post & packing)
Royal Manor of Kempton from 1086 to 1993
£3.50 (plus post & packing)
Runnymede: A Pictorial History
£6.95 (plus post & packing)
Saxon Spelthorne
Introduction to history
£1.50 (plus post & packing)
Sharing Memories
Five generations of residents share their memories of Stanwell
£6.00 (plus post & packing)
REPRINT Snapshots of Staines
History of Staines, Middlesex in photographs
Back in Stock
£7.95 (plus post & packing)
Some Moor 2
A brief history of Staines Moor
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
Spelthorne Book ll (Special Price)
An Alphabetical History of the Borough of Spelthorne
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Sport in Surrey
A follow up to the exhibition held in 2012
£5.00 (plus post & package)
Staines - An Illustrated Miscellany
£5.00 (plus post & package)
Staines in the Records part 1
History of Staines - up to the Middle Ages to Medieval part 1
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Staines in the Records part 2
History of Staines - Medieval to Modern part 2
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Staines Town Hall : Surrey's Finest
£2.00 (plus post & packing)
Staines Town Trail
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
REPRINT Stanwell My Village
by Beryl Wilkins

£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Stone Age Spelthorne
Introduction to history
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
Sunbury and Shepperton Past and Present
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
Sunbury & Shepperton in WW1
History of the area in the Great War
By Peter Bailey & Nick Pollard
£7.00 (Plus post & packing
Sunbury Inclosure 1800
A new beginning for Sunbury, Middlesex
£1.50 (plus post & packing)

Tales from Old Ashford
Adventures in the History of Ashford, Midlesex

£6.00 (plus post & package)

The Brightside of Life
The Story of the Eventide Home, Moor House, Staines, Middlesex
£3.00 (plus post & packing)
The Brownriggs Leave their Mark.
The building of St Matthew's Church, Ashford
By R C Calder
£5.00 (plus post & packing)
The Great A.W. Smith - A tale of Victorian Enterprise and life in S.W. Middlesex 100 years ago.
£6.00 (plus post & Packing)
The Way we were in 1952
Spelthorne in 1952 re-printed for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth ll
£2.00 (plus post & packing)
Time and Tide Tour
A look at the History of the River Thames in Staines, Middlesex
£1.00 (plus post & packing)
Upper Paleolithic Sites in the Lower courses of the River Colne and Wey
£15.00 (plus post & packing)
Up Pontes (low stock)
The establishment and development of the Roman Town of Staines, Middlesex
£4.00 (plus post & packing)
A Chronicle of Wraysbury
£3.99 (plus post & packing)


Out of hours group visits to the Museum can be arranged.
Also members can visit your group to give illustrated talks on various local history subjects.
See 'Education' for further details

We have again revamped the website for the 40th Anniversary of the Museum. Please take a look at the Queen's Award page, the Accessibility page, the photos of Staines page and the Lino page. There is also a map page showing how to get to us, people are always saying to us that they didn't know that we are located through the Library, on the map page we show photos of our building related to everywhere else around us.

We also have NEW pages showing the Exhibits that are supposed to be in the Thames Room, however they can be seen on here while we are closed, due to the Coronavirus.

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