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Places in Staines, where we are located

Time Continuum - By David Backhouse. A sculpture in the Two Rivers Shopping Centre. It represents a Roman man dancing with a modern woman. Joining one time to the other. It is also in the form of a basic Sun Dial
Photo manipulated by Gloria Hazell
The Staines War Memorial It was first located in the gardens next to the Town Hall, it is now in the Market Square
Photo manipulated by Gloria Hazell
The Five Swimmers - By David Wynne: This water fountain was located in the Elmsleigh Centre from 1980. It is now in the Town Hall Memorial Gardens
Photo manipulated by Gloria Hazell
One of the two Swan arches by Antony and Simon Robinson (were partly designed by Staines children from Kingscroft Primary School). Located at the entrances to the Town Hall Memorial Gardens
Release Every Pattern - By David Annand. The statue of the Lino Men located in the High Street
Photo manipulated by Gloria Hazell
This sculpture is located in Two Rivers near Pizza Hut. It is called Water Sprites and is by David Backhouse.
Photo manipulated by Gloria Hazell
The Town Hall, photo taken from the river side. This building is beautiful but no longer owned by Staines and is empty right now. The building was erected in the 1800's.
The skateboard park next to the Lammas in Wraysbury Rd.
The Origami Swans - By Tom Brown. Folded sheets of Stainless Steel in the park opposite the Museum near the river.
An unusual sculpture named 'Pound Mill' by John Atkin is located in Wraysbury Rd behind the Two Rivers Centre. Some people call this the Lino Cutter.

A Frieze of Roman times of Staines. It is on the London Road close to the old Police Station, It is by Terrence Clark

The Swan Master 1983 (Swan upping) By Diane Thomson. Located close to the Origami Swans by the river
Photo manipulated by Gloria Hazell


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