4000 year old woman
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Staines in the 2000's

This photo shows the same area as the 50's from the air.
So much has changed in just 60 years. The Lino has gone completely and in it's places is a shopping area (Two Rivers) the white roofed buildings are the shops including Waitrose, Next and the Entertainer toy shop. The walkway comes through to the High Street which is also a pedestrian area. Where Mumford and Lobb used to be is now South Street, the one way system with the multi level car-parking and the bus station (the green roofed buildings) This is also the entrance to the Elmsleigh Centre. The Railway line to Windsor is still on the bottom
Copyright of these two photos is from Surrey Properties.


This photo could be another model like the Roman one.
The River Thames is in the front lower section above that is the Town Hall on the left. The Lino took up all of the area from the grey roofed buildings (top left,) through the car parking areas to the back of the High Street, the large tan building is the Vue movie theatre that goes back as far as Church Street. We, the Museum, are located where the X is close to the River, on Thames Street.


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